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By steelhound
This happened less than 20 mile from where I live and into a river that I fish a lot. I understand that the jobs this brings to the local area are good, but are they worth this? ... ater-dump/
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By fallen513
DP&L are a bunch of assholes.

Down here, you can watch them dump what looks like straight 30 weight into the Ohio river. They agreed to run a "warm" water discharge years ago, into a creek... it was never to exceed 80 degrees and had to meet stringent requirements on what bad shit they could let slip through the cracks...

Well... the water frequently hits 140 degrees in the summer, with surface temps of 90 read miles downstream. The mercury content is something like 400 times what it's supposed to be?

Who am I to complain though? It's a great thermal refuge through the winter huh!
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By RaZ
ie. dunkard crick
i worked for a large energy company for a short while. signed up to attend a class on fracking. 4 hour class, 3 minutes spent on the environmental impact.
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By InTheDrift
You don't have to go far to see the impacts that this new boom has had on the area. Both good and bad. Unfortunately, shitheads like these guys will continue to fuck things up for both the industry, and the public. The Mahoning has already been overdeveloped and used as a dump for industry for years, it's a damn shame that it has to continue down that path because of money, politics, and people that are unwilling to step back and think about things before making the big money grab.

Related to Dunkard, I saw a few weeks ago that Alan Shipman's weak-ass sentence is being appealed by the AG. This is encouraging news. I hope the fucker gets more than fines and parole this time...

For those unfamiliar with Shipman and Dunkard Creek: ... ard_creek/

"An EPA inspection in August 2008 found that the company was violating several provisions of the permit application. Then, in the spring of 2010, one of Consol’s primary contractors, Allan’s Waste Water Service, a wastewater hauling company, was charged with multiple counts of illegally dumping toxic waste, including Marcellus Shale-produced wastewater. According to a grand jury presentment, drivers for the company testified that they dumped drilling wastewater into the Morris Run borehole and into several tributaries of Dunkard Creek. “Drivers testified that Allan’s Waste Water was responsible for receiving, transporting, and disposing of production water from gas wells owned and operated by CNX,” the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s office noted. “According to the drivers, during the summer of 2007, CNX’s gas wells began to generate more production water than Allan’s Waste Water was capable of handling. As a result, [company owner] Shipman showed the drivers how to leave open the gas well valves and ordered them to discharge production water into the ground and/or into the nearby waterways,” including Dunkard Creek."
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By foureyedgeek
[activate sarcasm font]
There's no impact guys, come on.
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By blumpkin
You are at the epicenter of what is going to become a
very intense oil and gas boom Steelhound.

Everybody in North Dakota is eying up Ohio.

Start a Truck Stop/Strip Club/Tattoo Parlor/Diesel Repair Shop now.
By steelhound
How about diesel repair/towing/ massage parlor.

I could call it Running & Tugging
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