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By fatman
Randall Dee wrote:Never shirked a task. :cool
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By fatman
Randall Dee wrote:Never shirked a task. :cool
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By Hogleg
fatman wrote:
Randall Dee wrote:Never shirked a task. :cool
Splendid behaviour.
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By austrotard
I used 'if you plant ice you'll harvest wind' in a sentence yesterday explaining to a co-worker that he was pushing shit uphill with a stick.
(see: wasting his time)

I felt quite clever for all of a minute.
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By peetso
Surly wrote:Hog, glad the pup came out ok.

Gave me a good chuckle, though. Much appreciated.

fuckin' labs . . . everybody that has one, probably has a similar story.
Hog glad the gorilla arm was removed successfully !!
Those Victor traps rock. Hair trigger fer killing fucking rodents !!
I've a confession. I enjoy seeing dead rodents.
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By Average Joe
This past Saturday morning my wife was putting away the groceries while I was sitting at the dining room table tying some flies.

Wife: "The grocery store had a sale on dog biscuits, but they were an off brand that I didn't recognize. I had the box in my hand and was about to drop them in the cart, but then I thought, 'What if he doesn't like them? He's always there, happy to see me when I come home from work or shopping. He deserves better than second rate biscuits, so stop being so cheap and buy him the good kind, even if they are twice as much.' And so that's what I did."

I looked up from what I was doing in time to see her open the box and give one of these biscuits to the dog. The dog took the biscuit and ate it in the disgusting manner he eats everything, crumbs and spittle flying from his mouth as he crunched away. And there stood my wife, praising him, speaking to him in Italian, no doubt telling him what a good boy he was.

And then my eye wandered over to a jar that was sitting on the counter amongst the other groceries. Stuck to the jar was a plain white label, and on the label I could make out two distinct words in black type. They read "Berry Jam." Not "Knott's Berry Farm Berry Jam." Not "Smucker's Berry Jam." Just "Berry Jam."

And then I remembered that while my wife was making out her grocery list the previous evening, she'd asked me if I wanted or needed anything from the market, and I'd replied, "Pick me up some berry jam."

It's always good to know where you stand in a relationship.
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By Bears Fan
I believe there is an expensive label of fruit preserves that you just described the packaging of pretty well. I have only seen it at the high dollar grocery stores. Either way, "Tira piu’ un pelo di figa che un carro di buoi."
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and just think, theres only the rest of your life for this shit to go on. wonderful. :coffee
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By austrotard
Average Joe wrote:hey mitch,

it doesn't ever get any better, mate.
keep your chin up.

ps. where's my fucking cigars already?
confession: they're coming, mate.

I'm a double tasking mother scratcher.
By Surly

That felt better...
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