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By Bears Fan


Sorry I have been absent. Fishing has taken a back seat as of late. Fingers crossed I will be able to do a bit of fishing with my friends out Californee Way soon. I hear they got a whole lot of internet out there.

Reasons to not fish for a few months.


Since I seem to have lost my keys to the club house my boy Colbert has been doing my bidding. He fetched me a new reel with which I would like to be in fear of getting spooled. Anybody want to do a bit of catching on the other W. Coast? Hit me up!


Glad to be back,



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By austrotard
I sometimes grow tired of marijuana.
and then... a new day.

why does this keep happening to me??

I blame ethnic cleansing/banning for most of my alter egos.
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...but it's over now.

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