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October Irish Caddis[/report]
Woolybug25 wrote:[report]The Woolybug is a wild and majestic creature.

Green Drake
^^Of all of the moments we have captured digitally together, that is one of my favorite images.

Here's one to appease Perdorro. Please don't PM me again with your whining about this shit.

Let's just keep this to actual insects guys. Please. This is the Drake, where we play by the rules.

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By Mr. Don
[report]Dragonfly eating a Hex.
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And another.
more bugs.jpg
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By Surly
Pedorro wrote: Dobsonfly spinner

Dobsonfly Dun
Not a spinner and a dun (that terminology only applies to mayflies) but a male and a female. The male dobsonfly has those greatly enlarged mandibles that the female does not. The male can't bite well with those because there isn't enough musculature to overcome the leverage of those long mandibles. But the female can bite, hard. The little bitch...

A minor point, for sure. But I've ID'd aquatic insects in a lab for 14 years and "mis-identifications" bug me.

See what I did there? A bug joke...
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