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By davesnothere

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I'm sure I'd had made some more embarrassing noise in the same situation, but would then have knocked the cameraman in with them.
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By Spicytuna

Its ok they were all released
BearsFan wrote:
B.M. Barrelcooker wrote:[report]
......first class idiot........

Pretty sure I learned how to duck hunt from the same guy that taught him. Fuck, I hate myself for that so much.

[report]Manti Teo?






reminds me of:


and there's this...


When asked about his superior skein preserving methods:

"On all my fish that I am going to keep... I will "pop" the gill to bleed them. This makes less mess when you are cleaning them... and also gets alot of the blood out of the skeins. I will do absolutely nothing to them... except to package them up in "day use" custom food saver bags... run them thru the food saver.. and then into the freezer they will go. If no food saver available... I will wrap tightly with saran wrap... and then put in put these in a freezer zip loc bag and take a straw and suck the air out of the zip loc bag."
Oh my God! That is fantastic! WB, you deserve some sort of award. Perhaps a freshly straw vacuumed "day use" bag of skeins? I'm assuming the skeins are the eggs? (sorry for the ignorance if that's not the case, however I don't get fresh too often.)
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