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To be continued.....

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By woolly bugger
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By Woolybug25
Oh boy... I hope it is what I think it is...
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By RaZ
txt from the tranny suggests something hoooouge
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By Woolybug25
RaZ wrote:txt from the tranny suggests something hoooouge
Perhaps it is not what I assumed.

I believe that it will still be most excellent, though.
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By Transylwader
Please pick up a 1L of talisker 25 year reserve. I have South African krugerrands...
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By austrotard
I can have your head kicked in from here.

I just need an address.
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By Fleet Daddy
Rumors of fishing the Scottish Isles........Don't let your kilt fly up........Good on you

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I saw some stuff on the FB that makes me even more eager for this report. Get busy J!
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