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Blue and orange Spring game tomorrow, time to get hyped up for

college ball!

Just in case you haven't heard, ESPN picked up rights for all six

BSU home games - try to calm your excitement.

Remember-remember, the sixth of September...

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Go Vols. Rivals ranks their 2014 class at #4 in the country right now. Probably the high point of the year.
Alabama wins. The end. No need to watch.
Bamaboy wrote:The road to 16 RTR!!!!
Saban cashes his chips into the devil this year and finally gets blood poisoning from all of the children he kills and eats.

Irish win.

Muddled Duck wrote:Go Vols. Rivals ranks their 2014 class at #4 in the country right now. Probably the high point of the year.
The '14 class is off to a pretty good start with getting Jalen Hurd. He's a top 1-3 RB in the country and will start immediately. Unfortunately, that wont be until next year. The Vols lost their best offensive weapon to the draft (Patterson), but return a bunch of talent, imo. They had a composite #14 class in '11, which means most of those guys are in their prime this season.

Something to keep in mind with recruiting though. It's super early and most of the best players in this year's class haven't committed anywhere yet. UT has a composite #6 class right now, but thats only with 8 players committed. Most teams only have 1/4 of their class filled right now. Watch out for the TE they have committed, Ethan Wolfe. He's only a 3star, but he is a damn good football player. He will surprise people down the line.
You're 100% right Wooly. That's why I said this is probably the high spot of the year. For me the best thing is that it indicates the new staff is doing the right things to at least have some top prospects excited. Last year UT was a mediocre defensive coordinator away from being a good (not championship, but solid) football team. They lost some studs on offense, but return a truly great line. I'm not expecting a great season, but I'm hoping to see movement in a positive direction.
LSU is rocking the "other" ball.
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