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By MTgrayling
My dog, listen to the 911 call.

A 33-year-old California man and father of four died after sheriff’s deputies and California Highway Patrol officers responded to reports of a possibly intoxicated man outside a Bakersfield medical center last week. The Kern County Sheriff’s Office says David Sal Silva initially resisted arrest. More law enforcement officers eventually arrived and they began beating him with batons, according to Digital Journal.

Witness Ruben Ceballos, 19, says he saw two officers beating the victim with batons. “They were hitting his head so every time they would swing, I could hear the blows to his head.” Ceballos added that he could hear Silva screaming for help, but says those cries didn’t stop officers from continuing to beat the man.

Another witness, who said his first name was John, said Silva “wasn’t resisting arrest, he was begging for his life.”

A number of people are said to have caught the incident on cellphone cameras. Those phones, however, were seized by deputies before an arrest warrant was served, a defense attorney says.

Digital Journal:

Criminal defense attorney John Tello, who is representing two of the witnesses who recorded the brutal beating, told the Californian that his clients are “shaken” by what they saw and how they were treated by police.

“When I arrived to the home of one of the witnesses that had video footage, she was with her family sitting down on the couch, surrounded by three deputies,” Tello said, claiming that the witness was not allowed access to her cell phone and was prevented from leaving her home. Tello claims he was not permitted to speak privately with the woman with the phone and that he was informed that the recording of the deadly attack was evidence to the investigation.

“This was not a crime scene where evidence was going to be destroyed,” Tello told the Californian. “These were concerned citizens who were basically doing a civic duty by preserving the evidence, not destroying it, as they (deputies) tried to make it seem.”

Tello also claims that the witnesses’ phones were seized before any warrants were served. He also claims deputies threatened one witness, telling him he could either surrender his phone the easy way or the hard way.

News outlet Bakersfield Now has released an uncut 911 tape from the incident in which a woman tells the dispatcher, “There’s a man laying on the floor, and your police officers beat the (expletive) out of him and killed him.” The woman then tells the dispatcher she caught the whole thing on video. ... rt_say/?ln

Do we even screen or train the people we give guns and badges to?
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By MTgrayling
slowaudio wrote:

Cop can't do basic math...

edit: I can't fucking figure out the embed.


Neither is surprising.

Courts have upheld that applicants for police jobs can be disqualified for being too smart.

Now, the fun part.

Fuck off.
By slowaudio
MTgrayling wrote:

Neither is surprising.

Courts have upheld that applicants for police jobs can be disqualified for being too smart.

Now, the fun part.

Fuck off.

newbie shaming

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By jerome
The asshole sheriff where I grew up has two officers trained to sit at the truck stops on each end of town and watch people. Then question migrant workers,vacationers, hunters, fishermen...which leads to the destruction of cars,trucks,boats,campers, take money,guns,gear because like the cop in Tn said "regular folks don't carry much cash,dont need too and them out of towners is up to no good". They really hit the mexicans hard and can take their money no questions asked. There has been four or five times $10K+ was taken from people on the way to buy a truck, etc. and kept, accused of being criminals and never given a chance to get the money back. There are so many county ordinances that he has gotten passed under the table for profit is ridiculous, yet he seems to have dirt on the right people due to his GBI days. The guy is one of the most hated people in Ga law enforcement by fellow LEO's.

Unfortunately I could not find his weekly editorial pic from the paper.. Cowboy hat, aviators and a cigar. He is also a well know womanizer. I had jury duty once, was not selected yet had to endure him staring at everyone like we were on trial as he cracked jokes to the worst game warden to ever retire from Ga DNR, that acts as his right hand man.

Real smart crew, I learned that I was investigated for a while as a big coke/crack back to my folks before I even knew about it. It seems being given the nickname of "Jerome" in a small southern town can get you mistaken for a 300lb black guy when you have a few dumbasses on the case. A real ballsy bunch, the swat team sends a game warden in a bullet proof vest to the door first on raids usually a rookie.

When two drunks in a unlit boat at midnight in the middle of the lake were hit by a bass boat participating in a night tournament, they then made a circus out of the body recovery all the while Sheriff Sills was screaming for a ban on night fishing,tournaments, wanted really low speed limits on the lake and to end the "reckless,run and gun tournaments" that bring so much money to the area.

Yet, all the while he had swept the 2nd worse boating accident in the country under the rug. His officers that like to run up and down the lake on full plane in confiscated boats to do safety checks as they call them or yell at kids having too much fun on jet skis. Well after one of these safety checks that have been deemed a matter of homeland security defending against the tailban jon boat navy that is going to attack at any time. It came out that one of his Capts on the lake stopped a pontoon boat for a safety check. After finishing his harassment of a family he then pulls into reverse full throttle thing it was forward. Luckily everyone on the pontoon was able to jump to safety with their children when he decided to park the SD boat on their pontoon. The victims were advised to keep quiet and the boat would be fixed. After getting the run around for a while, they started talking about what happened about the same time that the SD wanted to declare martial law and curfews on anyone in a boat.

It only gets worse.......

The Legend....
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By jerome
Still nothing blows my mind like the cop that decided to unload his clip on a guy holding a 22 yr girl that was about to graduate from Hofstra, with a gun to her head. Shooting the victim in the head. Last I read that dept. is not handling the media and family's questions very well or dealing with the moron cop.

Is this the new way of dealing with hostage situations? Spray and pray, worry about who's dead when out of ammo.

Makes one feel really safe in even a decent sized town,doesn't it.

Have had a few guns pointed at me and a couple of times if I had not been paying attention I would have been stabbed or shot, if I had not been able to put a 12ga in a couple of mouths for them to see I was more prepared to pull the trigger than they were to take off running into the woods.Hell back then. I thought that was one of the fun parts of i guess an outlaw phase in a past life. Yet, Cops scare me more than any piece of scum that would try and harm me, there are good ones but way too many that have mental issues that made them want the job in the first place.
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By WanderingBlues
jerome wrote:Yet, Cops scare me more than any piece of scum that would try and harm me, there are good ones but way too many that have mental issues that made them want the job in the first place.
Having watched many career go down in flames, I can say yes to this. Fortunately, the good ones stick around long enough to keep culling the newbs. Careful, though. There's more retired cops in your neck of the woods than there are active ones. At least a half dozen from my little department alone. They market the shit out of Sand Point & Couer d'Alene in the union magazines.
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By BaggerMcGuirk

The judge needs to be fired, the marshal needs to be in jail and the woman and daughter deserve about $5 million of Clark County's money.
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