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By Redchaser
Swagger = catching cancer from eating too much pussy.
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By ncguy
Not just any old...but Catherine Zeta Jones'.
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By jdub
Which is why young boys should get the anti-HPV vaccine (Gardasil ) just like their sisters should and do. HPV is a human-specific could go extinct like small pox and potentially polio with world wide vaccination.
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By RaZ
eating at that taco stand... i'd be willing to take the risks.

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By Bobwhite
ditchdoc wrote:Guess it's not what you eat, but who you eat.
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By Bobwhite
"I don't always get throat cancer... but when I do, it's from munching on Catherine Zeta Jones"
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By BigTimber
"....everything I love is killin' me...."
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my man is living right....... :cool
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By cantfishforshit.
"The wages of sin is death"...That shit's true. :coffee I'm doomed.
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