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By overbrook
Veddy nice......what of Blake these days?? If you run into him....tell him one day when he least expects it Overbrook will be dropping in.
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By ncguy
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By V Wake
Boat belongs to Chidester. Blake's doing well and guiding everyday. I'll let him know to keep the light on for you and the fridge stocked with cheap beer.
By Chidester
Ive got nothing more to add than what has already been covered. And my pics suck compared to these two. Great day switching gears with my musky fishing pals. We have been spending so much time chasing the toothy critters it's nice to remember what catching a fish feels like.
Oh yeah and I finally stopped being a vag and rowed the whole soho. Feels good to finally be gettin a handle on the sticks. Wait that sounded bad.....
Turd come join us any time
By croaker
Not so bad even if it was just Trout fishin'... :cool
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