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By redfin89
*Disclaimer.......I'm a serious lurker of this forum who hates the effort of posting TR's. I really appreciate those of you that take the time to share your trips, it's about the best reading material I can find on the net. The last thing I want to do after fishing all day is get on the fucking computer and upload hat's off to y'all........I've backlogged 6 or 7 trips well 8 now cause this afternoon was on fire. Gonna try to keep this thread on going till I burn out. Oh and I always leave my good camera at home so the Iphone is what I'm working with.


My brother was about to head back up to fantasy land (gainesville) to continue his higher educating and was really wanting to fish before he left. I had gotten him out about 2 weeks before and had a good day so he was jonesing. He's funny in the fact that he is the most carefree guy I know, always late to where he needs to be and just not worried about anything. When he's got a chance to fish he'll be sitting on my front porch waiting for me to get up 10 minutes before I told him to be there.

We slide the boat in just as the suns coming up to the east, tide was the time I got to the shoreline I wanted to fish it was dead low and about to start trickling back in. Ole boy on the front was feeling invincible after we saw the first back out of the water 100 yards ahead, on the last trip he stroked the first fish I put him on so I'm sure he was thinking lightning would strike twice. This fish worked the bank, smashing oyster bars and just being down right stupid........the cast was made 2 strips and a hook up. He's is already talking shit to me, "these lagoon fish aren't that hard".......hook pulls and he goes quiet. We had 10 solid shots at fish on that shoreline and ole boy could not get it done to save his life. Tide filled in and we scooted out headed south following the tide.

About 10 minutes into new spot we have two trout cruising in a trough along a bank, fins are breaking the surface, he doesn't see them but gets the cast where it needs to be and hooks up. She was a big mama, his biggest on fly......feel free to make fun of his footwear the guy refuses to wear sandals, he likes the comfort of slides.


He was nervous the whole time but did well and got her to the boat.



I was pretty satisfied with the action so far, headed east to grab a bite to eat.


After hearing about college life and reminiscing about our old times growing up hunting and fishing together we decided that one trout wasn't enough. The wind was howling but the tide change had turn the fish on and it really got out of hand. He landed 6 and I even got in on the action with a few myself. If you pulled the hook on one it didn't matter, 10 yards down the shoreline was another one waiting.

The water was dirty, but it really doesn't matter if they are shamuing bait on the shoreline....



Had a few healthy specimens




It was getting later in the afternoon and he still had to roll out of town that afternoon so we headed back to the ramp.


We fished hard and he was pretty stoked as it was definitely his best day he had ever had flyfishing in the lagoon before. The little fucker even thanked me for taking him, kind of caught me off guard. Hopefully my karma for being his free guide is repaying me, because the fishing has been on fire since he went back to school.

Edit* after looking at how shitty these pictures are I may have to change the name on the next installment to "Iphone chronicles".
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By Terd Ferguson
That is one big friggin trout man

Solid reds too

Damn I love me some salty TR's
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One Very nice speck. Why is Gainesville fantasy land?
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By Redchaser
That's a hell of a nice speck. Thanks for posting
By redfin89
#535974 wrote:One Very nice speck. Why is Gainesville fantasy land?
I'm sure it's just like any big college town.....the amount of drugs, young tight willing trim, and trust funds will make any young man delusional.
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By Mangina
Good stuff!

Brothers? Good on you for keeping up with them. Let alone getting them out on the water for a gaint ass trout and some reds. It gets harder to do as the years go by. Make it a point. They're good people!

Seriously giant trout. Damn!!!
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By Spicytuna
Well shit its about time...

Way to do it up right with the brother. Having two brother myself its something special to get to spend time with them on the water. Thanks for sharing and dayum that's a big salty troot.

Good work and don't be afraid to post up some more, that was good.
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By The Volfish
I seriously like your effort. Too often your exploits are much too like ghost stories. Keep posting.
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By vaku
That was good. My brother is a dolt and doesn't know a fly rod from a cane pole.
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By steelrain202
awesome about the only thing i do with my brother is work drink beer and go to football games. i wish he would fish but like vaku said when it comes to fishing he doesnt know the difference from bait chunking to fly throwing
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