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Just curious and I know how we all accumulate shit...
Any ideas, replies, will be much appreciated. This year's fall/early winter steelhead and big trout chasing is happening on a lot less budget than usual so I figured I'd check with the experts.

1.) a 420-450 grain 25-35' full floating shooting head that they no longer have use for? (spey type) or tell me how to make my own out of the 480 grain full floating line I have sitting around. If there is a scandi head that will work for nymphing and other uses that I haven't run across,please let me know. Closest thing I've seen is an Air flo rage compact which sounds iffy or go to the Speydicator which isn't a real good option considering I like shooting heads and running line set-ups due to the versatilty and not needing more reels, spools.

Would be nice to have....
2. A 7wt or an 8 wt streamer line (if its a little too light for most 8's) streamer express,outbound,Airflo, etc. I don't know much about intermediate tipped lines, anymore and honestly a little tired of how fragile and aggravating the streamer express,outbound,and a few others can be, especially in the wind. Trying to put off trying the air flo streamer max until next spring, still there are some rivers I really hate using them on.\. So if you have a 7 or certain 8wt sink tip line you are stuck with, I'll make it work. I'm also thinking maybe going to a line with something like a bass taper and a beefy sink tip in the future. As nice as the taper/tips on the Bankrobber rods are, mine has been sort of a pain in the ass finding a line that works for me and works most everywhere I fish streamers instead of feeling like a freaking golfer.

My streamer fishing has gotten to the point that I almost tried to make the "ideal" line today that I have in my head... hadnt fucked up like that in 15 years.

Also, I am always looking for Silver, Black and gold Orvis batenkill mid-arbor reels and spools for III's and V's, if anyone decides to sell any or see some.

Call Gallup, he designed the rod
#540178 wrote:Call Gallup, he designed the rod
He is also under contract with 3 lines basically designed for the rod with SA. So if he is up to something different, He aint talking.
Chasing Natives wrote:im throwing a SA 250 grain streamer express on my 8wt streamer rod and i love love love it. absolute cannon of a line and will turn over very nasty bugs. but i lose alot of flies with it to the bottom..
Threw a 200 or 225 SE for the first year, that was also a problem with the running line sinking like a rock.. a buddy that didn't know what he was doing trashed that line for me. Tried the Rio... I use a sharkskin SE on my 6wt x2s sometimes, now that line is a rocket but pricey as hell and the tungsten ends are weirdly fragile which seems to be a problem with most integrated lines, esp. depending on the core of the line.
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