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By TX.
Nice job Terd, the only thing that would have made it better would have been if you had that hat on from your tard!
That scar could have come from a plugger, but maybe another fish...
So I guess I'll check back in 15 years for your next one;)

That was a damn long fish Brad...Good job!

Hopefully I can add some content to this thread in the near future...
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By V Wake
Got out this past weekend for three full days with a great friend, TWiles. We were treated to way above average temps and beautiful clear, water. The theme for this trip was scouting new water. We were not disappointed. First day began with us launching from a primitive ramp, motoring up through some rapids, scouting some nice pools with tons of ledges and structure, and finally settling on some tail-out water. Travis is in the front, I'm in the back. We troll within casting distance of some swirling, foamy water and each lob out our first cast perpendicular to the current. We're stripping the flies and, as I pick my fly up off the water, Travis had a fish come out of nowhere and coil up on his fly right at the boat. Travis stuck her hard, and after a quick fight, we had her in the net. upper 30's. One cast, one fish. Shit. What a start!
1-20131004-IMGP5447.jpg (174.71 KiB) Viewed 679 times
We calm ourselves, troll back up, and commence to chucking flies again. I had a nice fish flash on my first retrieve, and after a few minutes had a fish crush my fly on the 8. Again, a few jumps and runs later, the fish was in the net. Taped out at 40". Celebratory beers were had in the morning sun and we enjoyed the rest of what the day offered. Fish hooked, fish followed, but no more slime on the hands.
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1-DSCN7501.JPG (186.43 KiB) Viewed 679 times
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We camped the next two nights and fished hard for two more days, moving a lot of fish and missing chances that should've ended in netted fish. There was no angst, though, and we headed home late Sunday afternoon with an undying love for these crazy, wreckless bastards. Here's a few freeze frames from the trip.
1-DSCN7519.JPG (166.44 KiB) Viewed 679 times
1-20131005-IMGP5458.jpg (111.76 KiB) Viewed 679 times
1-DSCN7503.JPG (159.02 KiB) Viewed 679 times
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By RaZ
awesome! i am praying i can add content to this thread after this weekend
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By TX.
I was hoping you'd throw this up...I need to get up there.
I took the boy out for a few hours on Sunday and moved a tank, I think it was that 52" I caught last year w/ Aguire, but she's grown. This fish seemed half the length of the warpig. Only fish I saw...and I had about 8 ft of visibility. But at least we got out.
Glad to see you guys got into them. Only gonna get...well, I'd say better, but probably the same for the next few months. Hell it's muskie fishin'. It's not right until they say it's right.
PS. Why the hell doesn't Travis join the fray ???
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By TX.
Got out yesterday for a bit. Managed to get one good fish into the "8" for about two minutes.

Spent a little more time today, had the opportunity to sight cast to 3 fish, followed, but no love. Got another into the "8", nada.
3 more follows...For a total of 7 follows, no eats.

Seeing fish and getting skunked beats the hell out of getting skunked and not seeing fish :cool
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By V Wake
A bachelor again for the second weekend in a row. No better way to spend it than with little brother. Both of our lives have been crazy, so getting away for a three night, three day musky bender was the perfect remedy. He's just begun his musky pursuit but has learned to play the game. We got to camp late Friday night and had the obligatory drinks and smokes by the fire before turning in. I anticipated a lot of action this weekend with fall underway, but we had our asses handed to us the first two days. Low pressure system, drizzle, and the temps still didn't feel quite like fall. Not a single fish was seen in those first two days, even in the crystal clear conditions. So this morning we awoke to rain and, feeling beat down, tried to rally. We decided on an unknown, 5 mile float through mostly flat water with a lot of structure. Four miles in and we still had seen no fish. Just as we began to accept the fact that dues sometimes have to be paid the clouds broke, the wind died, and we were in the midst of a stunning display of fall colors and brilliant skies. Cows were grazing, ducks were flying, squirrels were scurrying. Good signs. We drifted into a deep, still pool under a bridge. Goosebumps. My brother launches a cast slightly upstream and counts it down before stripping. Strip, strip, strip..... "Shit, I'm hung," he says as he lifts his rod tip. As I look back upstream towards his fly the water explodes. "Fish! Fish! Get your rod down! Sheeeeeiiiiit." He learned a valuable lesson in that instant. I drop anchor and little brother begins to work the water all around us. He got bit two more times and had a swipe within 20 minutes. The blitz was on! I'm standing in the rower's seat, net's ready for action, and I'm watching the fly come in. Brother sweeps it it front of the boat, keeping rod deep, and makes 3 full turns. At the beginning of the fourth turn all hell breaks loose. Big fish comes out of nowhere and inhales the fly. My brother locks down on the line, keeps the fish close, and in less than two minutes the fish is in the net. Barbaric yells and high fives were exchanged and the fish was quickly released after the obligatories. She taped at exactly 45". What a great first fish. We pretty much called it a day at that point, feeling emotionally spent and very lucky to have gotten to cross paths with this fish well into the 11th hour.
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