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he wore them all the time... under his trousers.

ll bean... depends for spastics.

confession: I was nearly ousted from a forum just recently for suggesting the boa system suited idle folk.
I may have also used the word obese.

no offence, fatty boomba.
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pbrstreetgang wrote:
RFA wrote:I had a pair of LL Bean waders last me 5 years without a single leak.
did you wear them?
50-75 days/year for every one I owned them.....I must have gotten lucky
wow. that was prompt.

(like) google your own name (and shit).

let me know in january what you did with all the hats, you fucking homo.
I hate queues queers queues.
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you mean, like, my real name, or my Drake name?

What are you talking about with the hat thing? I have never received a hat?

Edit: If my calculations are correct, Shunned is in dreamland now, shortly after a flurry of inebriated posts that make little sense, even to an Aussie. These usually happen right after I get in to work.

[report]12:20 AM

Tuesday, November 5, 2013 (WST)
Time in Perth WA, Australia[/report]
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I fucking started breaking it down, then thought, why am I fucking justifying the time I am on the water to a guy I have spent 3 days TOTAL in my life with.

I think the only dispute one could have is what constitutes a "day" on the water.....and I admit that if 8 hours constitutes a "day", I am grossly overstating it. I meant how many days I am fishing at some time over the course of a day. I'm not tracking hours/day, in fact, I spent an hour on my lake with my son Saturday.....granted, I fished about 15 minutes, but I would count that. I'm not saying I am a dude who spends his life on the water, I just make it out a lot of days (aside from wader hours - which is what my original post was meant to show)......I fish quite a bit, and that's not bragging, it's because I don't have any friends to do other shit with. So yes, my numbers are pretty accurate. I stand by them.....ask my wife. She knows I spend at least one day a week out by myself.
RFA wrote: She knows I spend at least one day a week out by myself.

...masturbating furiously.

way to backpedal, raffa.
twelve days top whack.

on my first day of fishing my true love gave to me,
some tissues and I hid behind a tree.
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Look who's up! Sleep well?

Coming from the guy who maybe spends 3 days on the water per upside down summer. Strewth. Let's not go telling porky-pies, Mith(Mith - speech-impediment style)

Edit: I don't need to leave the house to furiously masturbate, that would be a waste of time.

Edit # 2: You're making me feel like CFFS.......and I guess this is how mates like me rise to the top of the jailhouse beating down unequipped challengers like yourself while the lesser inmates stand there, gaped-jawed.
I don't rate myself by how many days I have on the water, mate.
I just cut out the middleman and measure my dick.

all over austria
all over seppo

next trip: khancoban in march, your west coast in sept/oct

took a bus to mexico once and didn't fish

next trip: down the stocked lake/farm dam at the end of my drive. gay.

I'll take quality over quantity every time, pissypants.
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That's what it's about. :cool

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