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By get er done
Mad_Mike wrote:well sorry i couldn't join yall.. thanks for the call though... Oh wait.. there was no fucking call... Fuck you.. not that I could have gone anyway.. but its the thought that counts.. I'm not gonna lie.. i'm hurt, real deep down kinda hurt..

Nice fish Fuckers..

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By Ramcatt
TX. wrote:...To put those fish in perspective, Fishlore is about 6'4" 240#.
and Allen is about 5'10 136# in shoes soaking wet

(i kid i kid... but i know he's lurking)
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By TX.
Ramcatt wrote:
and Allen is about 5'10 136# in shoes soaking wet

(i kid i kid... but i know he's lurking)
Yeah, I heard it was quite the shocker when he tried to lift it over the gunnel.
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By Fishlore
Allen is one of the hardest working young guides in the business. We struggled with conditions and worked well together once we found the big fish.

I owe many thanks to a few for helping me figure it out over the past years going down. Just glad it happened for the both of us. :cool
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By Kylemc
I hate Brad
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By TX.
Did you pick up your boat yet, Kylie?
Brad will teach you how where to drive it in the marsh.
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