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Wake up... Wake up... Wake up...
It's the first of the month...

So cash the checks and get up...
so now i have the whole rap ass thing figured out . cant say i am down with it.
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By Lurgee
[report]This guys real good. This songs been in my head a couple months

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By Redchaser

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By fallen513
That Nujabes is fiiiyahhhh.
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By jhnnythndr
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By cool manchu

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By burgerthumb

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By Ramcatt

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By DizzyDean
P.U.T.S. - People Under The Stairs

Listening to these guys almost always cheers me up if I'm having a tough one. They remind me a lot of what Tribe Called Quest used to be like. The beats especially. Thes-One can make some sweet grooves. I got to see them live a few times. First time was in the mid to late 90s. They were better live then they were on vinyl.

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By CarelessEthiopian

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