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By steelrain202
as usual i am hosting a bake at my house on the watauga June 20-22. its my birthday and the streams will be primed. its time to fish, eat megatons of food, drink oil tankers of beer and do other things your wives. girlfriends, or life partners wont allow you to do at home. if youve been before you know its a damn good time. hundreds of streams and big water only a short drive away. a nice flat yard with a perfectly manicured lush green lawn to sleep on or your pick of two very comfy couches maybe a bed or two. beverages you cant find outside of the mtns of western NC. youre all invited however leave your politics at home, most likely one of my excavators will be tied up on a job site and i wont have immediate access to them to bury your body. so come one come all to the greatest spectacle on earth

Also, i'll have to paypal you postage. LOL

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