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By D-nymph
Spicytuna wrote:Confession relates:

Took a full on header on the cruiser bike after drinking to much in celebration of passing my fireman physical agility.
Sorry, but that's a little bit funny.
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snowed 24"s+ at my house yesterday. I am tired of snow.

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By Redchaser
Confession: I had a date Saturday
Relates: I kissed her good night
elates: she kissed me like I was her brother or had small pox or some shit.
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By slavetotheflyrod
Redchaser wrote:Confession: I had a date Saturday
Relates: I kissed her good night
elates: she kissed me like I was her brother or had small pox or some shit.
But you still got a kiss.

Next date shoot for a handy like you were her cousin with hantavirus or some shit.

report back...
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By blumpkin
Page 420 of Mitcheypoo's diary.

I know for a fact "The Poof from Pertharoo" would love to be hanging out in Ferndale right now.
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Poof OF Pertharoo.

To say "from" could insinuate there are others...or a bigger one claiming to be from there.
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By blumpkin
It seriously passes me off that you critiqued that shit.

He is THE '' Poof from PerthAroo ''

I have legit off road questions for you Raffa...

I will shoot you a PM.

Wanna build a dual sport Yamaha R6 powered Polaris RaZeR.
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By blumpkin
I just mixed a double shot of Patron, that August West sent me ages ago...
With some kick ass OJ my wife bought quite recently.

I found the resulting concoction to be quite medicinal.
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By austrotard
you should build raffa a fucking dictionary.

confession: second interview tomorrow.

relates: I honestly didn't think it would take this long but times are... let's say, tight in austria at the minute.

elates: maybe tomorrow the elates shall return.
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By foureyedgeek
confession: I didn't realize there was such a thing as kick ass orange juice, source please?
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By B.M. Barrelcooker
[report]Kick ass orange juice:

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By austrotard
kick ass secret: blood orange. blood oath.

confession: never ever purchase a bottle of your local fly fishing club's plonk. never.

relates: ever.


lates: I've taken two aspirin with my last gulp.

ates: well, nothing of course. well, no... that's a lie. I ate some hot chips. but that was (like) hours ago (or some shit).

eta: ass gravy @ perhaps 2/3am. full blown allergic reaction @ 6am.

ta: very much.

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edit: quickest tits I could find.

hint: if they're all of a sudden invisible that means jed is a fan of me. and if not, perhaps tits. or not.

forecast: fuck you, jed. (since everyone knows g&g is really jed.)

send: me $5. for better plonk.

t: for tits.
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