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By blumpkin
Does anybody know where the President of the United States is right now ???
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By blumpkin
On Monday, I will walk 12 miles to pay for his vacation... And for more bombs to drop on the heads of people.
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By blumpkin
Do they house any of the Central American kids that I am paying for there ???
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By blumpkin
What will my Marine Corp. brother who is jailed in Mexico be doing this weekend ???

Do they have golf in Mexican jails ?
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By austrotard
gay head is worth visiting... providing it's dark.

edit: and you don't touch anything.
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By MTgrayling
I have a jar of ice cold 'shine and no answers. I'll tip it for you.

Rail on man.
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By blumpkin
austrotard wrote:gay head is worth visiting... providing it's dark.

edit: and you don't touch anything.
It took a while to sink in... As I am a Twat. Pun intended.

But oh... How I laughed.
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Well, to answer yer question....he's doing what every president does at this time....goes on vacation.

Why? Cuz that real useful congress is home fundraising, so to follow the logic of the moment....

....what do you want him to do while the Orange Man and and jihadis are home? Do shit himself? Lol...then you sue him.

But hey, atleast you know he's only gone a week or so and he's 1 hr from DC.....the previous piece of shit spent a month at his ranch...right before 9/11....remember where yer tax dollars went then?

Bubba was up there, but the all time greats of golf vacations were all conservatives....Eisenhower was king. So this rationale is more personal than party related...surprise, surprise.

Of course, you also have a R US senator from Kansas who uses his country club as his "residence" in the state so he can hoodwink the wingnuts even though he's spent under 50 days in the last 2 YEARS in his "home state". Pat Roberts is his name....and living the high life in DC on the backs of Kansans and everyone else is his game.
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By blumpkin
I am not a hateful person VTNZ... And I hate all of them... R... D... CEO... Union Boss... European Bankers...
The Police State... All of them.

Enough to someday join a revolution against them.

My hate started with Clinton and NAFTA, and went China Syndrome with the Bailouts and "to big to fail".
OweBammaMammaDramma's vacation is supposed to be 16 days. Last I heard.

Obama could have done something for the Marine jailed in Mexico, before going golfing for 2 weeks.

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