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By Kylemc
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By fatman
fatman wrote:definite possibility of a probable maybe
that's a yes :smile
By Kylemc
fly-chucker wrote:
Kylemc wrote:In
holy crap!!

Kyle's alive :cool
Haha...been in AK for a while. Lil tough to communicate up here. Hope all you fucksticks are well.
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By Mike Honcho
Kylemc wrote:In
Don't forget your piece of wood.
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By Aguirre
Did someone say Steelfish??????
I wouldn't be a gentleman if I were to turn my back to CABIN 10!!!
100% IN!!!!

Stay tuned for Aggers 2.0 (hopefully not his number of days clean but who's counting?)
See you when the crow flies North and the great winds blow hell into the heart of steelbow country.
Women lock up your daughters.
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