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By Brookwookie
Originally posted by coolconman:n Budweiser in a rolling rock bottle might actually be an improvement.
Yeah. Like a tall glass of piss is improved with a lemon twist.
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By Adams
Budweiser? Busch? Coors? Come o
-- those aren't beer -- carbonated piss maybe.What do drinking american beer and having sex in a drift boat have in common? They are both fucking near water.Adams

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By Shane
My ow
Boner Juice Brand IPA is pretty close to the best beer I ever had.n Why don't people put limes in other beers? What makes people think that mexican beers only taste better with lime(no beer does)n That drives me crazy.S
By tarpon slime sunscreen
When I'm out of tequila or some moron has scheduled a pre-dawn launch, it has to be one or more of these on tap ... Image
By tarpon slime sunscreen
Bite my bag!!!! Fucking picture upload process.The photo was supposed to be a John Courage Ale. An icy one of those and some steamed clams comes really close to a 30 pound permit on a wide open sand flat with the boat being poled by a a topless member of the Swedish Bikini Beer Drinking Team. Image

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By tarpon slime sunscreen

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By speybait
Yuengling makes me think about my time on Penn's or Spring Creek in PA. At home I'd drink Newcastle 'cause it's tasty. Any of you Michigan guys that can tell me if Bell's stopped making Solsun? I haven't seen it in a long time, since college. That shit was awesome...or maybe it was just those spring days drinking outside.
By Stormcrow
:D Try a "Speckled Hen" english ale. Not cheap, but great flavor. Another one that i haven't seen in a few years is (sp)Linenkugles "Big Butt Ale"Then there is always the "Chamapange of Beers" High Life! What can be better...a woman in camo short shorts, shotguns and fido.
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By Mingo
Originally posted by eponymous:n conman:If you order a Black and Tan in Ireland any good bar tender will smack you down. They might not even serve you (seriously - I have seen it happen.) In the homeland it is considered a shit drink.Guinness straight up or the occasional Newcastle. "When it pours it reigns."
man you speak the truth! gimme my Guinness!
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By Mingo
[quote]Originally posted by Salty:n I love Guiness, Bass and the darker brews, but it's getting too hot down here to really enjoy them, I go for this in the summers :D
By Salty
Speaking of Asian Brews, if anyone finds a source for the 36oz bottles of OB Lager from Korea, let me know Image

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By Wingnut
FYI Budwieser just perchased Rolling Rock for an obscene amount of money. Go Capitalism (not).
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