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By fallen513
weed's for loosers.

and ain't it like 11 am in Austria anyways?

Fuck holidays.
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By fallen513
Apparently the concept is lost on these fuckers.

Come with the goods or get the fuck out.

Nothing else will do.
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sell me that jeep when you retire.
happy healthy 2015
I'm with the tard on this one.

Same resolution worked just fine in '14, and if it ain't broke don't fix it.
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By Ken Shog
I don't drink or smoke but hey, whatever gets you through the day :cool

My resolution, at least in regards to fishing, is to spend as much time on the water and have more fun than anyone else doing so. I'm also heading to the OP in March. Swinging one up could make the year.

And fuck the haters. If they don't like the thread, they can always take it down to the bitching room.
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By blumpkin

So tired of deleting my fucking Ken Shog rants.

On behalf of Operation Enduring Freedom Veterans everywhere and our favorite Panamanian Invasion Vet.
I behoove you Ken Shog to shut the Fuck up Put up or Get the Fuck out.

Your existence in my realm is fucking ponderous dude.
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By Ken Shog
Blumpkin relax dude. If I bother you that much, you might think about unplugging for a bit.

Not that I need to justify my actions on this message board but to your comment, I have "put up." I have a creep thread currently on the front page full of hots. And another thread that could be a real cool discussion about lurkers. If you haven't already check out my recap I added to Wooley's year in review. I know it is not as good as others but it is also better than some.

You guys watching this Rose Bowl? Fantastic game.
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