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austrotard wrote:
here's a trick I want you to do.

take a slug of that indian single and jump off the table placing your heels close to your ass (like you're kneeling).
hold this position and land on your toes.

will it taste different or better?
but it's the closest way I can get you to kick yourself right up the fucking bollocks.
You should stop fucking with me. You do it again, and I will drop you (one-half letter grade). You can ask any one (of my students).
well done, you.

edit: thread crossover mishap. duh.

disclaimer: t-weed, valium and some shit dave gave me for broken legs and shit. I need a haircut.
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Back in college, a friend of mine had a date with a smokin' hot chick so when he got home that night, we asked him how it went. He said it went well, but he was never going to go out with her again.

"What?" we said.

"I can't," he said. "She pronounced it 'ridicuwous' "

PS. Tonight it was Booker's. There's a bourbon thread, right?
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By fallen513
I received an email from someone I deal/work with making in the low to mid six figures who spelled "intimate" as "interment".

I asked for a raise.
crick. how about that one. should be creek. how many times is that used incorrectly. what the hell is a crick?

commonly used like this ...." I just dropped my fukn camera in the crick tonight shooting pics for the Year of the Muddler thread"
and it was a big fish too.
confession relates:
I turned up the Lagavulin 18 only to find the last drop trickling down. That, alone...was enough to prompt the other half to inquire...what the fuck is that? (minivan full of kids, it was a last ditch effort on my way out of the house, it being her birthday dinner & all)
Potent, that.
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By Hogleg
Relates because I'm drinking the maintenance or habit whiskey:
plan ahead.jpg
plan ahead.jpg (8.16 KiB) Viewed 865 times
fallen513 wrote:I received an email from someone I deal/work with making in the low to mid six figures who spelled "intimate" as "interment".

I asked for a raise.
The better question... why was a coworker sending you an email with the word "intimate" in it? ha
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