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Circa 2004 to be exact, any wrenches out there who have experience? I need one for my god that is coming in mid april. He will be with me everyday , and the little low milage grocery getter is going to be too small.
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By yard4sale
Never did get a ride on one of them but from what I hear they are super bad ass:
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I had a 2000 5 speed turbo. Good car. A little pricier than I expected when the waterpump and alternator went, but that's European for you. If I was looking for something like that, I'd lean more towards a Subie. Slightly smaller, but no brainer on costs and reliability.
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By dunk
The wife has an '04 S60 Turbo - similar platform as the 70 as I recall. It now resides at our house in skiland so doesn't see as many miles but it's still around and going strong.
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already been thru an Audi. Daddy was an audi dealer back in his day dude.
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happyly rtired. looking at the subaru thingys as suggested.
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so if i get a new one i will be like 72 and shit. croctchety old bastard.

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