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By yard4sale

Really? Are you that hard up for cash? How much money do you get by ruining this place with the fucking ads between posts? I hope its a lot because you just killed any fish Karma you had.

Haven't bought a mag since you started pimping pay for play shit, now this. Wow, just fucking wow.

Maybe your sponsor haven't noticed but the post count has been total shit the last year or two. I hope you give half the proceeds to Mitch since half the posts are his.


I remember when the first ad popped up on the sidebar. No big deal everybody said. Then it was ads at the bottom. Now this? I haven't seen another board with half the shit fucking ads. No clue why you think this is going to work.

Funny part is I was feeling bad about a lack of TRs lately and started taking pics for one I have next week. Maybe I'll link to it on another site. No fucking way I help these ad companies by posting a good TR here ever again.

If anybody needs me I'll be at washington fly fishing which has become a lot like what this place used to be.

Just fucking sad. What a money grabbing douche bag you must be. Maybe now you can actually pay the photogs for the pics you "bought" from them but just forgot to pay up on?
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By dunk
Nice - That will certainly help...

Is he pitching tampons and hemorrhoid creme for the really big bucks? they pay very well

I haven't' seen the ads yet. An ad blocker is about 3 clicks away. Somebody posted one a the top of the page - so easy my avatard could do it...
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By Crick Addict
I'm sure when G&G finishes the "upgrade", everything will be groovy.
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By Lando
Don't anybody tell him the rag went up two bills......
By Jed
Yeah, the ads suck. I mean what the actual fuck do you think this place is, anyway. I'd rather you double the fee to post here that have all these ads. Wait, I don't pay anything so who am I to whine about this.

I think it works like this. Nemo owns it, he can do what he wants. We don't like it, we can go elsewhere, or not.

On the third hand, these ads really do suck balls.

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By Hogleg

I get the feeling you're holding something back man.

Stop with the innuendo already and just lay it all out there.

How do you really feel about it?
By DayTripper
Don't blame nemo for trying to profit from his business, blame yourselves for being boring.

The fact that companies feels safe enough to advertise between posts is a testament to the weak ass content posted here- fuck, its almost not even worth lurking anymore. Its like watching Friends reruns. Reruns can be good, but c'mon, you guys can do better than Friends.

This place has too much ego. Too much clique. Too many reach arounds. Too much effort trying to make it look effortless.

Now go die in a fire.
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By The Wandering Blues

Only he ain't funding the boat. It's the midget hookers and feed for the donkeys that adds up.
By Junior©
DayTripper wrote:
Now go die in a fire.
DayTripper {not WB} I think my clique might be showing, but you forgot trains. And lamp. And knife-fighting monkeys.

Jr. :smile :cool
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By TX.
The knife fighting monkeys are under octopussy.
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By TX.
Hi Jed!
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By K_P
Adblock Plus.

Seriously. It's easy and all the ads go away.

As for Nemo, somebody's paying the bill for this place, and it ain't me, so--"thank you."

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