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By foureyedgeek
Holy hell, that was good.
By croaker
Ifn you gotta waste time...
That's not a bad way to do it.

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By mrl0004
RaZ wrote:mehh.

tranny is right, date a canadian chick.
I didn't see a single worthy specimen, granted I was in the middle of nowhere. However, if she lives on a lake, I will make exceptions.
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By Snagly
I gained 2lbs just reading the report.

I'm guessing you can cast. We know you can write and shoot.

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By stillsteamin
austrotard wrote:is greg's mum hawt?
Those muffins look like they'd be nice and moist too.
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By D-nymph
Pretty awesome trip. FYI: musky fishing is like that every time you go! Tons of fish chasing & eating, always. :cool
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By ditchdoc
Thanks for the ride along. Still hoping to catch a musky with the long rod. We have Wallys around here but have never gotten deep enough, I guess.

Thanks again. It was...well...almost... as good as being there.
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