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By WaderTuck
What's up guys...been a while. Taking some much needed time off and driving out to Arkansas on a whim, fishing Thurs to Sunday.

Really flying blind on this one and any info/advice would be greatly appreciated. We're mostly looking to lose as many poorly tied streamers as possible and maintain a consistent drunkness.

I'll have an extra spot in the boat the first couple of days if anyone is interested.

On my phone so not able to leave you with any t&a so just close you eyes and picture Jennifer Lawrence's butthole.

Underwhelming TR to follow soon.

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By markl
WaderTuck wrote: On my phone so not able to leave you with any t&a, so I will make doubly good on the payment once I get home.

Huge Weekend


Steamin- “that warm black velvet is horrible[…]

fixed 0715201325b_HDR_2.jpg Musta been just […]

Also, i'll have to paypal you postage. LOL

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