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By MTgrayling
You know, conflicted is spelled incorrectly. It doesn't bother me, but I'm just sayin '.

I'm not a fucking terrorist, but could easily be terrorized.

Should we all fear the surveillance state? And when we do will it be too late?

Musings on matters. Put your fear where it should be. The most insidious things come from within... cops with a free pass to murder us being an example.

Americans used to care... maybe.
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By austrotard
I prefer conflicetd.
and I reckon he was being clever.

eg. organasized.

so are youse guys going to let that family of five into your country or not?
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By austrotard

in canada none shall pass


unless they're gay.

ha ha. try disproving that one at the embassy.

what a fucking pointless policy.

and anyone who doesn't know who frankie boyle is should. so here...

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