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By kish
Hitchens was a god. :bow Another one gone too soon.
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By kish
Wait a minute…are you trying to say he was an atheist?!? Well I'll be a monkey's uncle!
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By Hogleg
austrotard wrote:jesus wants you to smoke a spliff and watch this.

and so do I.
you won't be sorry.
I followed your instructions (and those of Hey-soos) and I've come to this conclusion:

This is about you and D-wane isn't it? You're the little boy, he's the penguin?

I get it.
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40's hot thing says, "cc...nothing you can't do is there?"
The cc, "unlike the PP Rubens, the learning curve of diplomacy is something I will never summit..."
suk rules bishes, make it happen...
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It's easy to grin,
When your ship comes in,
And you've got the stock market beat...
But the man worthwhile,
Is a man who can smile,
When his shorts are too tight for his seat...

Ah-huh...Ah-huh, huh...A huh, huh huh...
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