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By austrotard
mitch: mate. I don't know what to do. I love her but I just can't take it any more... high or not.

mate: I know. but if you give it a while you'll find that it's all right.

mitch: all right? you must be fucking mad. it sounds like someone killing a cat.

mate: you should try some studio.

mitch: fuck that. I want to listen to ub40 and shabba ranks. you know... shit I can grind to.

mate: yeah. well... I don't know about that.

mitch: dude, there's like a hundred of these tapes and she's moved them into my flat.

mate: look. I know... live dead isn't for everyone.


moral: we both found manchester and then I kicked her into touch.
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By pbrstreetgang
UB40 and Shabba Ranks? I'm with CE on your musical advice, man.

WTF, over
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By CarelessEthiopian
Haha. Shabba. I'm pretty sure Mr. Loverman is in this thread somewhere.

I can get down with some UB40 though.

I stole this CD from my dad.

Can't post that one without posting this one.

Maybe this is more your speed, Mitchy.

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By pbrstreetgang
UB40 (anything) and "Legend" by Bob Marley was usually what I heard coming from people's Land Rovers outside Exedus II and Wild Hare in Chicago in the 80s/early 90s

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By austrotard
shabba ranks and ub40 allowed me to shag rich birds.

whereas manchester allowed me to shag all sorts.

edit: and the first gaylads track sounds great.

nice idea but yeah... nah. they still don't like you shagging their birds.
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By D-nymph
CarelessEthiopian wrote:Shawn, you never even heard a Dead song until you were 40. I place little stock in your musical judgement.

He does have a surprising knowledge of quite a few Public Enemy lyrics. But then again he spent all that time in those kooky Manchester clubs, so... your instinct is strong.

I see a sasquatch in one of those pictures.
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By Trucha Del Mar
Listen, guys: The UB40 ship has sailed, apparently, so I'm not going to go off about that. But if any one of you posts a song from Legend, I'm gonna punch your mom in the mouth.

As you were.
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By Lando
Good to see that leech still giving some love...............
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By yard4sale
I always pictured Mitch as more of a Shaggy type...
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