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By Spicytuna
Got this sweet boat and am trying to figure out seats, gas tank, 2 batteries, and rod storage mount/placement

Note I already have the motor gas tank batteries and troll motor ready.

Very open layout is ideal for anything I want to do. Really want to use flush seat mounts so i don't have to drill into boat any more than necessary.

Would love to see what the rest of you think and also what type of set up you have come to use(pics would be great). I am all ears on this one. The side rails along inside bottom are over 10 ft so a fully rigged rod will fit no problem.




Might even think about a marine plywood enclosure up front lined up with deck to house gas tank and batteries and extend my casting deck.

All ears guys
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Heero[CntRmbrPwd] wrote:Paint unicorns riding lightning bolts on it. Nothing else, just a lightning bolt on either side.
there ya go.
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By Lando
#622255 gave me a shit ton of ideas. It will be trial and error, but figure out what works best for you.............and remember, everything fucking catches line.
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By Hogleg
Lots of snaggy stuff on the bow there that needs to come off. You could probably cut that railing back flush with the next support tower and move those cleats back to that spot as well and be all right.

I like the lighting bolt idea as well.

Also you should put a big ass Coleman cooler in the middle for a seat and paint YETI on it.
I would put some concertina wire around everything. Once you add whatever bote-y stuff you people add, put concertina wire on that too.

And then maybe a PETA Prostaff sticker
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By Hogleg
Don't forget the flare gun. You know, for when you have mechanical issues and the folks you wave down won't stop to help you. You can send a flare across their bow. That'll learn 'em.

Also, that bote has huge potential for dead hooker disposal in case you haven't already thought of that. You could get a pile of 'em in that thing. Head out in the evening on a falling tide.

By chadroc
nice. sick sick bass. for the boat......some idea's.......





and a spy glass.

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