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By peetso
Just perfect.

Full of truth, wisdom and beauty.

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By Transylwader
Yard, this is a most excellent piece of writing. There's several holy grailles out there and this looks like one of primo's. Made me all philosophical and shit reading this.
Sometimes, just sometimes if you look carefully enough, the water, she will talk to you and if you let her, she will immerse you in her medium whence we seek clarity and quarry.
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By Lando
Love it..........thanks.
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By Bruiser
Well that was great :cool
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By MTgrayling
Wish that was my TR. :cool
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By fly-chucker
well, that didn't suck at all :cool
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By augustwest
well done, yard.
cheers to steelhead, and to root.
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By fatman
damn. real fine.
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By fallen513
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By Hogleg
Fucking outstanding Yard.

That was real good, man.

Real good.

Thank you.
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Damn. Just damn.

Beauty Yard. :cool

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