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Ok, so this may seem odd at first... but hang in there with me...

I've taken alot of Drakians fishing over the years who have just happened to be in town, or for a bake or some shit, and i've never had a bad experience.. and likewise i've had many a drakian let me tag along when i've been in their neck of the woods... thats how this place works, always has and always will.. but this thread is for something slightly different in the execution of this system..

The concept is a simple one.. Anyone who has the means, and or the desire to participate may in this place offer up his wares as it were... ie. a fishing trip... other Drakian members in good standing may then reach out to that individual, and offer up a square trade from what they can and are willing to do.. if agreeable, the trade is finalized. The reports then get put up here.

The idea being that this could stimulate more "intentional" drakian encounters from people who may not otherwise feel comfortable reaching out to the members they may not personally know that well. Both parties also have the right to refuse the deal if its not to their liking, and no butt hurt is allowed...

Also, and i'm just speaking for me here, but this is not for the local guys who we all fish together with.. those guys will always be welcome of course, but this is a chance for Drakians who have not fished together, or don't live close to one another, to experience people and places that they may not otherwise get to..

I realize that this will be a "long game approach" in that it will take time for this to come all the way around to some awesome reports and what not, but I feel confident we can stick it out..

Also, the trades would best be handled via PM.. but shit talking and prodding will be tolerated here...

SO, I'll go first:

I'll offer up 3-4 days redfishing here in Charleston, SC. As well as lodging (you're own bedroom at my place) and transport to and from the airport. Type of fishing will depend on time of year/tides/weather etc.. but redfish are available all year round here and we will take advantage of the best opportunities available.. My boat fishes 1 angler so this won't be a buddy trip. However, if you'd like to bring a wife/girlfriend along, the room has a queen bed so there will be plenty of room at the house, and Charleston is a pretty place with lots to see and do other than fishing, as well as plenty of close by beaches the missus could lay out on and enjoy.. Ill handle meals, boat gas, tackle, and i'll pole your ass around until your sick of fishing..

This offer is only good to a Drakian in good standing, and i'm ideally looking to trade for something, or somewhere ive never experienced.. salt or fresh makes no matter..

PM me with any serious offers, and we will see how it goes from there..

Like I said, I would love to see other people offer up similar trips.. Even if this only ever produces a handful of exchanges... I feel like it could make some pretty special shit go down...

I think i've conveyed this correctly.. though i'm sure it may come off funny considering we have always taken each other fishing... I guess what i'm really trying to do here is force some "planned" excursions with people who may not otherwise feel comfortable approaching and asking.. if the offer is posted here, it's an open offer... feel free to ask..

carry on boys..
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By Saltan
Mad_Mike wrote:carry on boys..
I wouldn't like to help Mitch with his
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By NeedmoreDEET
Great idea and extension of the dynamics that are already in play at this place. :cool
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By austrotard
Mad_Mike wrote:

The idea being that this could stimulate more "intentional" drakian encounters

I got pretty collited reading that as 'international'.

but then I was all like I'm not having any of you nutters in my house.
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By Lando
I am down. I can offer some poopfish paradise trips, some time in southern Wyoming in the summer, or Spring/Fall in NE Wyoming.
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By Transylwader
Nobody cares two fucks about gars or surf donkeys. Good. I don't care two fucks for any y'all. Carry on...
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By yard4sale
I'd trade some acid for some 'shrooms. Waaaay better trip...
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By Spicytuna
Well I am pretty sure everyone on here knows my Stand on the Delta out here in Cali.

You come to town and its a weekend I will have a boat for you. Weekdays are harder to come by but can still possibly work (That's you Mitch)

Pretty cool to think I have had anywhere from 13-15 Drakians on my water out here some of whom get two fish of a lifetime in one night (Old Porch).

Hopefully that number continues to grow.

I have a travel trailer I can set up if necessary for someone, but for someone in the general vicinity has a day to hit the water etc... I am all over it.

within 1 1/2 of San Fran. All I need is a heads up!
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