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By Streamer
My dog, Tucker, is taking his last ride to the vet today. The cancer has just worn him out. Nothing works for him anymore. He can't stand without help. Or squat to go to the bathroom. We found out when he turned 1 that he has epilepsy, and is prone to grand mal seizures. He survived a 1/2 dozen of those. He tore his knees apart running the fence line between our yard and the neighbor's dogs. He ate 4 corn cobs that had to be removed surgically. He ate an entire bar of baker's chocolate, a bag of flour, a pound of butter, a loaf of bread, a box of powdered sugar, a meat loaf....the litany is endless. And he survived all that just to be taken out by the queen of diamonds. So today I'll let him hang his head all the way out of the open window on the way to his crossing of the river. He likes that.

I wish I was Pastor Ben. But this is all I got.

I love my dog, and this sucks.

Pour a sip, and say a prayer. Thanks.

Yer Pal,

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By BigTimber
damn dude. sip will be poured....and I'm sure just as quickly lapped up by my Cooper. you're doing the right thing. sounds like a fine life he lived. FOUR CORN COBS! holy shit that's epic! RIP Tucker.
As I said over on FB, he'll be chasing squirrels on the other side with a damn fine collection of gods who've gone ahead to make our own passage a little more bearable.

Sip poured.
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By Bruiser
Will do Streamer. We lost two to cancer in the last year and it sucks worse than anything. All the best to you and Tucker. Hang in there.
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By Kfoxwyo
So sorry man, It is never fair. Long live the memories, the funny days, the days when he made you mad, and all of the days where he was your friend with out bias or judgement. I am on the same countdown that you, fishskibum are on-it just sucks. I will pour a sip of fine bourbon this evening. Kfox
Damn that's tough. Very sorry for your loss.
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Nothing but good thoughts for you and Tucker. Sounds like you two had some seriously good times together, remember those and know that it's the best thing for him (even though it's an unbelievably tough thing on you).
Sip hell, this is the kind of post that makes me want to go home tonight and drink an entire bottle (with my 14 year old god Joe at my feet of course).
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By woolly bugger
so sorry Jules, gotta love 'em while we got 'em, hate to see them go...
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By root wad
I am with you. It seems like only yesterday.
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