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By fatman
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By yard4sale
Nice work Kevin!

Got out for a weekend float with Mr Deeeeeee. Managed to get all of one pic taken. I call it Fat boat with little man.
Randy Boat - Copy.jpg
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By Average Joe
For the past several months I've maneuvered past this bum and the garbage he leaves all over the sidewalk on my daily trek to work.

This morning I walked by him for the last time.

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For years now I've been drinking my work booze from these 5-hour Energy bottles.

Today I emptied them and then tossed them into the trash.

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This soup can has been on my desk for as long as I can remember.

I'm going to leave it behind for the next person who sits in this chair.

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In a few minutes I'm going to leave this office for the last time and head home.

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Turn out the lights, the party's over. It's time to start a new chapter.

P6290206.JPG (131.2 KiB) Viewed 735 times

Retirement, here I come.
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By RockyMtHigh
Congratulations Joe! Well deserved day for you today.

I hope that you enjoy many years of retirement and are able to keep a smile in your time off.

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By yard4sale
Good, maybe now you will have the time to cobble together a decent TR every once in a while.

Congrats AJ!
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By Bobwhite
Good on you, Joe.

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By fly-chucker
way to go Jose :cool
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By Kfoxwyo
Holy Fuk AJ, congratulations. Just in time the city gets more and more bleak by the week.
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