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By K_P
Inspired by some work by Guy Franzen on facebook, I propose a thread dedicated to Haiku. Could be a dud, could be a thousand pages in ten year's time.

To fish in a storm,
with lightning bolts all around,
invites a fast death.

Heero is awesome.
He love chickens, dogs, and fish.
But his wardrobe sucks.

Lando hosts Luau.
Greenies arrive in numbers.
Strange smoke fills the air.

I could do this all day...
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By B.M. Barrelcooker
Thndr claps from afar
And blump plans a road trip
Iron man will arrive soundly

Bacon but no eggs
Fish in the sunlight
Flames in the dark

Luau is a stage
And some players are there
Others only watch and wish

On the net
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By austrotard
spot the old guys
facebook killed the suck
I had japanese food at a chinese restaurant once
no one said there were rules
they cannae drive for shit

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By woolly bugger
Invatation sent
I wonder if she'll reply
Concerts starts at six
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By woolly bugger
As we said goodnight
I went to hold her tighter
Hey, don't grab my butt
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By austrotard
so yesterday I was asking london look about something whilst she was drinking lemon lime and bitters.
she gave me the archer 'just a minute' and I larfed.
she thought I was gay.

this place sucks now.
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By befuddled
I took a big shit
While reading a Drake TR
Then i wiped my ass
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By Redchaser
Tails waive in the light
A loop uncurls, fly in flight
Strip Strip Eat The Line comes tight
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By austrotard
too many marijuanas
I don't like the cat on bojack
clothes smell like country old men
the fourth line could've been dutch
I need more tweed and blue jay, cunts
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I think that's fixin' to change.

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