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pxatim wrote: Mon Jul 31, 2017 7:38 pm
pbrstreetgang wrote: Mon Jul 31, 2017 6:38 pm Did newschoolnympher confirm yet? He's my ride
He's bringing a truck load of TFO rods on a bro deal.
gift cards?
Sunday morning we fished the river where we'll be next week. It was slightly up, but nothing too terrible. There is a confluence of two rivers over some always changing sand bottom with deep cuts in it. We were wading out tits deep shortly after dawn when we ran into a few guys shore fishing.

"You guys are fucking crazy!"

Shortly after we left, two of them tried to cross the river to get where we were fishing. The guy in back went under and never came up. Found his body about an hour later, much to everyone's dismay. He was actually pretty well known around town. RIP.

Bring your swimmies, btices. ... 524534001/
I hooked into what I thought had to be a corpse, but nope...

Trip cancelled on the 14th. Thinking about swinging down for a day if it works out with the missus' plans. I'll msg you tonight, Seth.
Do it bro! Would love to have you. Very solid crew en route.
I read this as swohio.

I just wanted everyone to know.

re: swimming costumes

the same thing nearly happened to rampant and I on the paringa; shifting sands. as he's 6'17 I latched onto him as we were sliding into the raging drink.

ha ha... I was like a cat in the bathtub.

I also dislodged his net, never to be seen again.

be mindful of your surroundings but more importantly...

dave's a dickhead, hey.
austrotard wrote: Wed Aug 02, 2017 9:33 pm dave's a dickhead, hey.
Mike swims like a fish
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