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By Oldog
Golden, east Mattie, cable guy, monkey brains, long haired Dave,.......
(I don't even know if any of these guys still come to this joint)

Is everyone getting their boats and families out of harms way?

I thought this thing was supposed to make land way south of the border when it started.

All Drakians down there do take care.

Hope you get everyone and everything to higher ground and the waters from matagorda to port O'Connor to Rockport and South Padre return to normal soon.

Good luck ,

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By TX.
It's a big mothafucker. With that front from the northwest, could get pushed back into the gulf and roll up to houston.
We've invited everybody we know to our home in NC.
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By B.M. Barrelcooker
I have space in west ky as well.

These things can be rough.

Open arms

Just let us know.

Prayers brothers.

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By Mangina
Old Dog

I'm in Texas but no where near the coast but try to frequent it.
Had to flee from Dolly years ago but that wasn't anything like this one.

There are some great people in the area. Great fly shop, places to stay, and boats too.

Lots will change

Hoping for the best for those closer to it

Stay safe guys
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By TX.
...and boats, or boat builders?
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By fly-chucker
Bigguy wrote: Sat Aug 26, 2017 6:20 am 6:00AM Report: It's wet outside! Going to get wetter. 40 miles South already 4-1/2" since midnight.
stay off the water Bigguy, stay safe.
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By TX.

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By TX.
Only one fatality that I've heard of. Someone stayed back to watch their shit. A looter broke in and dude shot him between the eyes.
Best thing to come out of this storm yet.
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