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By Lando
Jesus fuck....
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By -G-
There is no hope. If this is the future of FF let's all make a cult and just jump off a bridge together
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This kinda assmunch was an assmunch before he got a phone, but I see how you wouldn't have to hear/see it.

As an educator, don't you have some kind of 007 permission to just hold his head under the water, since there might not be anyone around to tell you not to?
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By fishskibum
i'm headed his way this next weekend if i see that sad trumpy dirt pimp redd rapin for his insta warrior hero shit
off with his fuckin bobber
feel free to join
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By BigTimber
Greenback wrote: Mon Sep 25, 2017 9:48 pm That guy is clearly a huge fly fisherman.
the hugeist.

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