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Love this time of year. Reds are hungry and water looks great.

First things first. Load everything up the night before. I haven't been on the water in a little while almost forgot what all to bring. Did a quick check list.

  • Beer
    A bottle of water
    Crackers and Vienna sausage
    flies with shitty rusted hooks because I like to see how many fish I can catch on one fly
    dry rotted leaders and cracked fly line
    wool socks
    wet wipes
    Patagonia and Simms gear only
    Over price fly rods
    Way over priced reel that looks cool as shit but I really don't even need one.
    wade boots
    extra over priced rod and real because I'm a high sticker. (happens when you're short, fuck off)
    anchor that I never use
    registration up to date? close enough
    etc. etc. etc..

All I wanna do is go catch a fish... this is a lot of fricken work. son of a...
loaded all up the night before... sure makes it easier. Get coffee and go. Maximize sleep time for better fishing performance (not really) not to mention lack of sleep because of the never ending frinken astros game.

quick weather check... Looks like we might be ok

first one was right away. Knew it was gonna be a great day.



weather turned for the worst. See that ripple on the water?


Dinners gonna be good

Fished all morning and caught a bunch of fish. A few biggens too. Really felt good to be on the water especially with the weather being so good and water being so peaceful. Back to the house and eating fresh fish taco by 1 and spending the rest of the evening with the family before heading back to the grind.

Lately I haven't had much time to fish with life an all. I come here and look at all the fishing reports and enjoy the shit out of them. I know my reports suk compared to y'alls but I figure I could at least contribute back and quit being lazy with the reports.
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By Redchaser
Really nice, good fish and man what great conditions. Thanks for the ride.
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By fatman
tailchaser wrote: Wed Nov 01, 2017 5:34 pm
I know my reports suk compared to y'alls
Bullshit. That was strong. Real strong. :smile
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By yard4sale
I'd love to catch a fish from a canoe again. Doing it in the salt would be extra crazy cool.

You win.
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By fly-chucker
I like canoes
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By tailchaser
Fishwater wrote: Wed Nov 01, 2017 11:35 pm Nice TR.

But who cares...ASTROS!!!!
Dilly Dilly!!!!!!!

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