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By Obie
Somedays I'm in the grocery store and I feel like the elderly could use more preying upon :coffee.
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By Lando
Get your liver checked.
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By Redchaser
I hate A fucking thief, got hit Friday, they broke in during the middle of the day, took my ipad, Marie's tablet, Marie's Xbox, a small amount of cash, a Remington 1100 12 gauge, a .22 rifle and an S&W airweight .38 revolver. Freaked Marie out because she could tell they had been in her room. They went through my room, pulled some flyrod/reel combo's out of cases that are worth more than anything they took and left them laying on the floor.
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By yard4sale
Sorry red. Hasn’t happened to me but from what I read is the personal invasion part is the worst. If anybody can guide Marie through it then you can my man.

If they cut into your ladies foam golf hats supply let me know. I may have bought out your source.

If you replace the guns please consider a gun safe. Those guys ain’t going hunting....
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By austrotard
this why when we catch them we break their heads and their hands and throw them across the street.

disclaimer: on the work site. home invaders support the patio.
By Dirtfilth
In nashville visiting friend for birthday

At bar, first person we meet asks where from/why

explain birthday/concert

"Oh, must be a sackatarius blah blah bullshit astrology"
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By TX.
Sorry that happened Ron. Happened to me a few times. Now we live in the forest and we're talking about a main gate in our subdivision. A Dollar General just went up a quarter mile from us...yeah, in the forest. Already seeing vehicles that don't belong here....18 homes.
At least you guys are safe and you (Marie) weren't home when it happened.
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By austrotard
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