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More recently it's because of mercedes building plants and german support companies there; sounds like a few settled areas after the civil war....and then you have the former nazis who helped start the space industry there.
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By Plow
I feel sorry for your family. You are one sick puppy. It is entirely possible that Moore could have won had Trump not endorsed him. Poetic justice right there.
Dude, get a sense of humor!
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By Plow
Sooooo do you want to give me your picks for the NCAA championship, Superbowl and next years Kentucky Derby too?

Dude, get some help - 1-888-789-7777
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By Plow
RockinDaddyNotFromTN wrote: Thu Dec 14, 2017 9:11 am Your mea culpa skills are on par with your prediction skills.
What part of a "little intel" don't you understand. No prediction from me, just some thoughts from folks on the ground. Added this in another post.
It could go any way, Moore not a sure thing.
Now if you want to get after someone for making a prediction, yard4sale is the one...
Of course Moore is going to win.
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By Bruiser
Dude hasn’t conceded so maybe Plow will be right.

There’s a first time for everything.
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By yard4sale
Its up to dog now....
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By Bruiser
Plow’s gang was pretty dang surprised - everyone they knew was voting for Judge Roy.

Seriously the original post is classic.
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