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By Lurgee
austrotard wrote: Thu Sep 07, 2017 10:14 am two words... wolfmother longevity.
definitely two.
That is the exact band I thought of when I first heard them.

Longevity could be a problem for these guys...considering that the oldest still can't seppo vote.
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By Redchaser
If you've had a few beers and squint just right that "Flower Power" song could pass for "Ramble On"
By Honyuk96
I don't know how to embed youtube links, but you guys that dig old school rock n roll. I'm talking ass kicking rock n fuckin roll, check out Greta Van Fleet. Youngsters from my area. Eerily similar to (dare i say it) Led Zeppelin. For realz. Check it
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By kish
Someone needs to pay a little closer attention.
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By yard4sale
Day late and a dollar short but I've been digging these:

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By Lurgee
Some indie rock veterans have some new stuff out. I've grown up with these bands and love to see them staying true to their original roots. This will be the 11,423rd album for GBV and from what I've heard off the new Superchunk they haven't missed a beat.

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