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By Redchaser
I'm not gay...

but 20 bucks is 20 bucks...
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By austrotard
I'm on public transport to evade parking problis in pertharoo city.

I wonder if a musso will plow into me today?
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By Average Joe
austrotard wrote: Thu Nov 23, 2017 10:39 pm I've been loving the punisher on 'flix.
Been watching that as well.

My wife gives me a queer (but not gay) look every time I laugh at the violence.

Like when he used his thumbs to gouge that one fella's eyes out.

Or ran that other fella's face down the broken mirror.

No sense of humor in my household.

Other than the fucking dog.

"Bet you a thousand I can get you to stay up all fucking night and then drive me to the vet..."
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By befuddled
I restrained myself from buying a reel because I bought some other stuff. Trivial purchases really.

Not buying the reel should convince her I can be trusted with money...
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By austrotard
look, all I'm saying is if you suffer from a bit of sooky lala man depression maybe final space is not for your viewing pleasure.

why, avocado? why??

youse can just shut up, hey.
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By austrotard
my club's magazine has done a feature on me.
it features two photogs of bill's...

and there's two l's in mticeell, you fuckos.
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By mitch aka 2 fish
just got back from ub40 with mr. clip

lyric: the monkey chewed tobacco on the streetcar line...

now that's just racist.
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By Lando
Thought of you.
CF017EBD-6682-4832-BC2E-F22722AB22D9.png (1023.35 KiB) Viewed 1280 times
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By mitch aka 2 fish

my land!

my land!

my language. shut the fuck up.

topical: I'm going fishing for whiting today. perfect day.

relates: my water.
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By mitch aka 2 fish
bought a pair of dr martens today. 10 hole. bleck. the cc wear.
thought 'boot 14 hole and remembered how old I was.

owned my last pair over 30 years ago. 18 holes if I remember correctly.

moral: if ye cannae kick em oot kick em in, laddie.

I wonder if I can get my brother to break them in for us like he used to.
anyway, you're gay.
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