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By Redchaser
I've said it before and I'll say it again. Given today's political climate, anyone dumb enough to want the job of POTUS isn't smart enough to do it. I'd love to see Condi Rice run, but I think she has far too much sense.
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By austrotard
kanye will sort all y'all's shit out.

everybody who had him shot in the first year please settle your accounts.
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By Adams
RFA wrote: Fri Jan 19, 2018 7:04 pm The #metoo movement started out with a good premise, and continues to expose people that should definitely get sodomized with a broomstick up to their throats, don't get me wrong about that(USA Gymnastics).

BUT.....The fucking puritanism and overall victim mentality that has spawned from it is progressively making me more and more angry.

"He put his hand on the small of my back" - Garrison Kieler
"He performed (FUCKING!!!) oral sex on me" - Azziz Ansari

Fucking Matt Damon even said, "Wait, let's not bunch rapists in with dudes who make an awkward pass", and was attacked, fucking dogpiled for saying you can't ruin someone's life for patting a woman on the ass.

I'm defending Matt Damon. Shit.

All I have to say is, once we finally get fed the fuck up and start wrecking shit out of pure frustration and true "equality", look out. The pendulum swings, and watch the fuck out when it comes back.
Agreed. Except for the part about Keillor. He sexually harassed the woman for years. MPR found out and conducted an extensive investigation. Texts and e-mails confirmed inappropriate conduct. MPR gave Keillor and his lawyer a chance to respond. They did. Then MPR cut him loose. More here. ... 470774603/
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By Redchaser
The other day I made homemade tortilinni, I used a recipe by Mario Batali, except I didn't grab anyones ass while making it.
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