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By 421sd
[quote=austrotard post_id=683260 time=1513152375 user_id=18901]
protip: she sucks, mate. and not in the good way.

Eyes of the beholders....

This one doesn't suck either.

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By pbrstreetgang
[quote=Lurgee post_id=683373 time=1513343426 user_id=4584]
Some indie rock veterans have some new stuff out. I've grown up with these bands and love to see them staying true to their original roots. This will be the 11,423rd album for GBV and from what I've heard off the new Superchunk they haven't missed a beat.


I remember seeing GBV's first last show at the Metro in Chicago. I think older bands love stringing along last shows...forever.

Bob Pollard is a rather profuse songwriter. Alien Lanes is still a top ten for me
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By BigCliff
Til I heard this, I thought " I like this band, but not this song"

then one of my favorite performers made it great, through a simplistic approach deftly using tension, and thus casting a new sheen on what was viewed as the boring hit song from an other wise great band


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Speaking of the masters, I heard a pretty cool piece on the new Jimi Hendrix album, and it isn't just bullshit they "found" by digging through outtakes. The JH Experience had disbanded, and he recorded every demo session, working on songs for months in the late 60's. The original producer that did all of his albums from the JHE days mixed this new album, and it is really good.

I'm not a Jimi Hendrix superfan, haven't bought an album since about 1998, this one is worth it, at least I think so.

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By cantfishforshit.

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By austrotard
that was fucking awesome, jed.
watching/listen on the youchoob highlights some others in the links as well. too cool.


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By Lurgee

Most loudly as possible...two songs at once. I've had this song in my head for the last 15 years and just heard it for the first time a couple weeks ago....

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By Lurgee
Bonus....This is good genre crossing non--Kenny Chesney Y'allternative (looking at you.....people who know who you are)

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