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By fly-chucker
Bernard Victor Kreh
Better known as Lefty


"It is with deepest regrets to make this announcement.

Dear friends,

I am sorry to relay sad information to all of you.

Bernard Victor Kreh “Lefty” passed away today in the presence of his family. He passed without pain. He told us multiple times during the worsening of his illness how lucky he was to have so many friends. During these last few weeks he was so sick and without energy that he was unable to respond to any emails and the many phone messages left for him. I can say this was a-great comfort to him.

There will be a celebration of his life in the upcoming weeks. We will update you when plans are made.

Lefty would want us to celebrate life and not mourn him.

During the course of the week that I’ve been here, one thing he kept mumbling was Spirit Springs, over and over. When I asked him, what or where that is, he simply replied, that’s where he’s going, to fishing heaven, to Spirit Springs.

He passed peacefully and with no pain. He was surrounded by family and loved ones.
At the time of his death, a hard wind shook the house as if he was taking the winds home to my Grandma.

As he got me into photography, he once told me he had to carry a camera with him because you never know when something may take your breath away and you want to take it home for later.
So on ending this, I know myself and all of you are going to look to the water now, and if you come to a spot where something takes your breath away, I’m going to feel his presence each time and take a photo. That way I can take a bit of the inspiration and his spirit back home with me.

Tight Lines, best wishes, and All The Best,

Sam and The Kreh Family

In lieu of flowers, the family requests that memorial contributions be made to: Greater Baltimore Medical Center / Gilchrist hospice in honor of Lefty Kreh to Mail to: GBMC Philanthropy, 6701 North Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21204; or online at (Under “Designation” choose “Other.” Then in the next field, type: “Lefty Kreh Memorial”); or call: 443-849-3303.
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By Redchaser
A life well lived for sure. The man had a giant impact on our sport. I met him several times and had the good fortune to fish with him in 2004. He was the featured speaker at our local FF clubs conclave in Lake Charles. He came in a day early and a buddy Danny and I took him fishing and put him on his first Louisiana redfish. I had to cart him around and keep him fed for the duration of his stay, but Lefty was a picky eater and didn't like anything seasoned and wouldn't eat anything "with more than 2 colors in it", and South Louisiana cuisine being what it is, the only place around with food bland enough for him to eat was Cracker Barrel, so for 3 days I ate Cracker Barrel for 3 meals a day. That was enough and I haven't been back since. Lefty was great though, immensely patient when teaching someone casting or any other aspect of fly fishing, always funny and just a lot of fun to be around. He'll be missed.
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By fly-chucker
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By root wad
Got some pictures someplace of an early promo trip I put together to Christmas Island that Lefty was a part of. I remember him arriving with a loaf of white bread and a couple jars of peanut butter in his carry-on, "just in case" he couldn't get his meat cooked extra well done. Reminds me I should have all those slides scanned the next time I find them. He had the silkiest cast I have ever seen. "A backcast is nutten but a forward cast going the other way." Travel safely old friend.
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By Adams
RIP Lefty - you and Hawking can debate the physics of casting. Somebody has to search for the Lefty Korea rod thread on here. . .those autographed signature series must have doubled in price now. Congrats Shu
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By fallen513
Here’s to you, Lefty.
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By yard4sale
As I read this and many other threads on other fly fishing boards it has become apparent how many people he spent some time with. A true gentleman and the very definition of ambassador.

Although I have a feeling your fellow newb in the big sky will be challenging your physics on the forward/back cast issue! Hope to get the cliff notes someday but not to soon.
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