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By -G-
Spring weekdays: rainy, cloudy, Rivers up and stained, 40-50 degrees. Water is just getting over 40 for the first time of the year.

Spring weekends: blue bird, 30 mph winds, river has dropped and cleared, pull up to the launch and it’s 10 degrees. Waters is 35 and still dropping.
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yard4sale wrote: Tue Feb 27, 2018 7:02 pm Fuck the American farmer, unless you grow subsidized corn.
Or unless you can pump water out of the ground for free to grow nuts. Cause you know "food grows where water flows" except for salmon, fuk those things.
relates: ... ch-22-2018

Waiting to hear the official cause... my moneys on low flows in Jan/feb and further diversion and lowering of the water table due to every orchard in the valley watering hard to keep the frost off the blossoms. Herbicide, pesticide and fertilizer runoff reaching toxic levels before the March rains...

Salmon>almond...unfortunately most don't see it that way or worse yet don't understand the correlation between the two.
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By austrotard
326 million people gotta eat.

so fuck your salmon...
and your parks...
and your fucking water...
'cause there's more coming your way. and they all get what's yours.

what a shithole.
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You think austria's immune from these problems? 7ish billion and counting...

Point is when was the last time you ate almonds for dinner?
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By austrotard
yes, mate. we are.
we are immune to an open door policy and letting the immigrants handle immigration (see engerland shithole)

and you cannot move here. if you could, you would.
ask anybody except big timber. apparently we have the wrong bacon.

almonds for tea?
how is that even a fucking question? I could strangle a roo.
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Wrong bacon is reason enough...

Immigration has little to do with the piss poor water management policies of the golden state. CorproAg and urban developers for profit are king and have largely written the rules in their favor. There are a lot of people is this state but water is still prioritized to benefit the few.

I am not anti agriculture but im tired of wasteful cash crop for export at the expense of the things I consider worth saving... naive? sure, but somebody has to give a shit even if it goes against the murica way.

I spent a decade working for the very CorproAg industry I oppose, I loved the work hated the mindset...

Post me some roo meat.
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By austrotard
meh. it's dog food. ask josh.

and immigration has everyfuckingthing to do with it.
fuck the source, just do the maths (all those numbers, mate). I like how you lot think only one fella is getting rich here.

or ask yourself a simple question:

why was it so better before? ...and 'what's better' you ask?

access. fishing. jobs. family. mass shootings. riots. wars.

that should be enough to piss you off further.

cheers. I'm gonna go smoke some weed in a park with my dog and no one else.
okay... it's a park so maybe a queer or two.
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By austrotard
you laugh when you get pissed off?

that's psycho, man...
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By yard4sale
Upsetter wrote: Fri Mar 30, 2018 8:35 pm It makes me laugh everytime our resident trust fund college kid gallops in to admonish us meanies.
The best thing to come if the last two years is the exposure of the GOP rhetoric. All bitch and no solutions.
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