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By vaku
relates, I still get to fish once in awhile

So Socks had a birthday. He wanted to go camping and fishing and drinking. We obliged. Socks, myself, Dead Western, Pfranzen and a a couple of others put a hurting only on our livers this weekend, the fish were mostly safe.

I arrived friday afternoon to a camp already set up and set up my shit at what would be a nice riverside base camp for the weekend. The boys came up from the river and we had a beer. Then we had dinner and more beer. Dead western cooked up some mean kabobs! Socks arrived late friday night, we had more beer.

Saturday am started with breakfast burritos (I'm seeing a foodie trend starting) and some beer. Pfranz and i ran a shuttle, we saw deer and turkeys and locals. finally got on the water and had a beer. We floated some, fished a bunch, caught some small small lies and then ti was time for cocktail hour, it was 1030am. By 1230 we had emptied a fifth of jack daniels. we called the guy coming in that afternoon for a reinforcement, he was having lunch with his wife, she was not impressed with us at all. He brought a handle of jack. We fished some more, then had a second cocktail hour with eh bottle of rum we had brought incase we drank all the jack, good planing. We also had cigars and pie. Finished the float and cooked up some ribeyes and had another beer. Everything that went wrong the whole weekend was blamed on the young guy, he had stowed 2 bananas in the drift boat without any of us knowing. FTG!

Sunday started with a shotgun beer and eggs and cheesy hash browns. we were going musky fishing that day. We got going and fished hard for 2 hours, moving 2 fish, then we stopped for cocktail hour. That was pretty much the end of fishing for Sunday. we floated and drank cocktails and smoked cigars and went swimming and ran out of beer. And jack daniels, yes, the handle was emptied. It was not our finest moment but oh, so much fun. I lost two knives and a pair of prescription sunglasses. No rods were harmed tho. The guy who came for the day was not happy with us, he moved the musky and wanted to fish more. He was overruled by committee. Jalepeno stuffed pork loin, potatoes and onions and beer for dinner. and cigars. Sox had a good birthday celebration. We did have one man go down for the count, the youngest one. These kids nowadays can't hang.

Monday, well it was raining and one of the guys wanted to take his boat and leave and i was not thrilled with being in the rain all day so I headed home, probably still drunk fro the day before, got home and went to bed for a few hour while Socks, pfranz and a buddy fished. They can tell you about that. Here are some photos.

relates - I may have broken a drift boat. JB Waterweed FTW. Put some in your boat bag today.

Hopefully dead western and socks will add some photos too.
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By vaku
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By Da Ax
Excellent. Love the Nipponese tattoo...
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By Bruiser
Excellent Vaku.

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By yard4sale
Never seen steaks cooked over a lava upwelling. Cool!
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By Deadwestern
After a few folks backed out at the last minute we had a spot open on a boat and I brought along one of my buddies. A goofy bastard at heart and more of a light weight than I realized. We packed up late Thursday night after working like dogs in the heat.
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We hit the road at 4am the next morning to give us time to float a day early with Pfranz. Early in the day we moved a musky on a smallmouth fly that -G- tied for the last smalljaw swap. We never saw the fish until after I picked up the line and saw him turn away right at the boat. After a short float we headed for the campsite to get everything set up.
DSC_0784.jpg (331.66 KiB) Viewed 1334 times
After camp was set up we drank a few beers and walked to the river for a bit. When we got back Vaku is fucking around with a hammock and a bug net that doesn't fit. Over the last year of fishing with the southern appalachia Drakians I have heard many stories of Vaku. Some stories incomplete and only in passing, some lengthy about broken rods and who pushed who into the river, and some about the importance of a good and proper cocktail hour. It is always a bit weird meeting someone for the first time who you know so much about though other people. After a few days on the water I happy to be leaving with a few of my own.

Saturday we smallie fished with somewhere around 100 other people, most of which beat us to the boat ramp... despite the fact that we camped at the boat ramp... that being said cocktail hour came early.
DSC_0836.jpg (213.12 KiB) Viewed 1334 times
Fishing was slow and we got bored.."Hey miles I'll row you over to their boat.. jump on, spill their beers and then fish their spot..."
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By Deadwestern
Like Vaku said Sunday was a shit show. Started out right by shotgunning cheep Costco light beer knockoffs. Promptly after buddy yaked in the woods. We fished hard for a bit before cocktail hour. I am not really sure what happened but somewhere down the line things got out of hand. We cranked up the Nirvana and had a side cocktail hour while we watched the other boat fish. By the time I realized what happened I was in my boxers trespassing while jumping off the bank into the river. Nearing the end of the float we stop for Pie and swimming contests. This was by far the most memorable part of this trip and I am pretty sure buddy doesn't remember any of it.

Rowing the final stretch of the river Vaku says something that I can't remember to which I reply...
" I am the only adult on this boat "
" no you are not "
" Peter I am the only adult on this boat "
"Say it again and I am going to jump in the water "
" I am the only adult on this boat "
and off he went..

Back at the ramp we cleaned up
IMG_1682.jpg (397.94 KiB) Viewed 1321 times
while emptying the boat we noticed we had just a pinch of Jack left over.
IMG_1684.jpg (364.29 KiB) Viewed 1321 times
When we get back to camp we prop up buddy in a chair by the fire and continue to celebrate the reason we were all there there.
IMG_1688.jpg (291.19 KiB) Viewed 1321 times
Happy Birthday Socks, never a dull moment.

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