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By marlo
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By Ginseng Sullivan
07-19-18-36201 copy.jpg
What a beautiful morning
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07-19-18-36210 copy.jpg
I think I'll go for a walk
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07-19-18-36211 copy.jpg
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By stillsteamin
marlo wrote: Fri Aug 10, 2018 9:46 am
Is that an old town?

Been looking at getting a light square stern for fuckabouting, but the old towns ive paddled have seemed tippy, compared to say, an old school grumman.
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By marlo
[/quote] Is that an old town [/quote]

bingo, but not mine. just a loaner I use about once or twice a year. I've not got much to compare it to but it does the job well enough with two peeps chucking big esox flees. though, its strictly used on the deadwater with motor and we go to a 16 OT for the moving stuff.
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By The Po Thead
Made a quick trip to the old stomping grounds to get sockeye for the freezer. It was a fortuitous harvest.






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By yard4sale
Pretty sure I saw that look on the JD.
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By austrotard
pffft. poor fatman had to live with it.

they've had those team numbers since 2015.
and I twigged about a fortnight ago.

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By Bruiser
Handsome mailman. That's all I can figure.
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By skullion childs
Coming attractions.
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